Pompous Albert Is Still Scowling, Besides Living A Pretty Happy Life

The cat with permascowl has it good.

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So curly. So judgy. Via Pompous Albert/Instagram
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A couple of years ago online, we started seeing large eyes peeking out from under furrowed, frilly eyebrows at us. They were stern. Also: kind of hilarious. It was Pompous Albert, and the curly-coated cat had only just begun to look like he was judging us.

“We knew he was unique when literally every person who saw him said ‘Wait, is he real?’” owner Michael Singleton told Petcha.com. He and wife Susan founded Sagebrush Fine Art in Salt Lake City, Utah, and Albert is their humble, grumpy-looking office cat.

He does look a little unreal, with silvery, light blond curls all over from his furry cat feet to the bridge of his kitty nose, right between those super-serious eyes. Like a teddy bear who, you’d worry, would feel superior to you.

“Albert is probably 9 now, and he became ours when an employee asked us to take him from someone she knew that was a breeder,” Michael said.

Apparently the breeder thought Albert “wasn’t up to snuff.”

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“We already had two office cats and she knew we had open doors for such unfortunates,” Michael continued, with a laugh. (Not sure if Albert would laugh at that one.)

Everyone in the office helps with the cat care, and Albert, um, thanks them? Michael maintains that their cat is a real, regular cat but there might be some judginess based on his behavior.

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“He’s an office cat and his favorite activities would include jumping up onto your desk and pulling on your necklace, biting your hair or pushing stuff off your desk,” Michael told Petcha. “Even heavy objects. He pushed my big lamp once.”

Seriously? The simple – minded attempts to entertain me are overwhelming. #pompousalbert

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It could be that he’s doing that feline gravity-test thing. Or, maybe, he hated that damn lamp.

Whatever it is, we want to keep seeing pictures of this super-serious kitty.

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