Pomeranian Has Cutest Sneeze on the Internet

You simply can not prepare yourself for this level of cute. See the sneeze that is breaking the internet.

Everything puppies do is cute. Puppy kisses? Adorable! Puppy tricks? Amazing! Puppies on stairs? Yes please! So it should really come as no surprise that a puppy sneeze has us “awwing,” but you may not be prepared for this one. This literally may be the cutest puppy sneeze to be caught on film.

Don’t believe me? Take the 10 seconds to watch it, so that I can tell you “I told you so.” Go ahead, try not to watch this video 100 times. 

This epic sneeze has nearly 6 million views and is taking the internet by storm. This dog has been called adorable, possessed and just about everything in between. For dog-loving, allergy sufferers everywhere, we may have just found you your very own spirit animal. You’re welcome.  

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