Pomeranian Guides His Blind Bestie On Inspirational Hikes

Hoshi and Zen go everywhere together, with the white dog relying on his friend to guide him.

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Zen and Hoshi greet the world side-by-side. Via The Fluffy Duo/Instagram
Anastasia Thrift

When is a guide dog more than a guide dog? When he’s a dog guide dog, who helps a fellow canine see and soar to new heights.

Pomeranian Zen helps blind American Eskimo dog Hoshi navigate the world, all while their owner documents it in photos on an inspiring Instagram page. The Fluffy Duo, as the dogs go by on Instagram, often hike and explore the outdoors of Spokane, Washington, with Zen gently leading his friend on a leash that connects them.

An introduction on one of their Insta captions explains the root of the relationship, and why something like blindness won’t hold back Hoshi from adventure — in fact, it’s the reason for him to go on adventures.

“My name is Hoshi and I am an active blind dog. My guiding light is Zen. We rescued him from a local shelter about 6 months before my surgery. He was with me throughout my journey to recovery and he continues to play a big role in my life. Together we love to explore the great outdoors. While I may not be able to see, I can still feel the trail under my paws, the wind around my fur, and Zen’s leading tug on my harness. When we stop to take pictures, I know we reached something beautiful. I think we would be a pawsome #trailtester because we love going on adventures! We strive to live an unforgettable, adventurous life.”

Photo after photo show the pair on open air walks around fields and streams, on mountains and even in water. The boating duo embark on many voyages with happy faces and a strong bond.

“I was a little worried how Hoshi would react when I brought Zen home from the shelter,” owner Pauline Perez told The Dodo about their first meeting. “To my surprise, he didn’t bark at all. He kept smelling him, staying close to him. Now they are inseparable.”

Zen is not without his own struggles. The tiny dog has an enlarged heart, pulmonary edema, a narrowed trachea and poor teeth. Still, he seems oblivious to any discomfort when he steps up to help his friend.

“They are hiking buddies,” Perez told The Dodo. “We attach a leash together and Zen does the leading. Even if they’re on two separate leashes, Zen walks beside him.”

And walk on they do. You can follow their steps, and road to inspiration, on their Instagram account.

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