Politics And Pets

We talk politics in the BIRD TALK team a lot. I am a Senator Barack Obama supporter, Melissa Kauffman supports Senator Hillary Clinton, and Laura Doering kind of starts shaking her head whenever we start talking politics. Most of the times, the conversations are civil and we discuss how politics work. This is only my second presidential election I will vote in (Bush/Kerry being the first), so I have a far different view on campaigns than say, Melissa, who’s voted in a lot more. (Disclaimer: I’m not calling anyone old!)

Sometimes we get so passionate about politics, we get absorbed and distracted by the things around us. At the All American Pet Expo in April, I was so absorbed in our discussion that I accidentally backed up into a railing and broke the frame on my backlight. And other times, our politic talks relate back to our jobs. Like when Melissa one day said “We should see what the presidential candidates have as pets.”

After a quick search on Google, we learned that Senator Obama has no pets (though his kids would like a dog), and Senator Clinton has a lab named Seamus. And, to our great surprise, it turns out that Senator McCain has 14 dogs, six cats, 14 fish, three birds, two turtles and a ferret.

Who knew, right? One day, we’re going to call the John McCain campaign and give them the strangest questions they ever had to answer: “May we talk to the Senator about his pets? What kind of birds does he have? What are their names? Does he read BIRD TALK (or any of our sister magazines, like DOG FANCY and CAT FANCY)?”

Parrots can be involved in politics too. I once knew a Hahn’s macaw that would say “I’m a Democrat, gosh dangit!” I’m sure there is a cockatiel out there than can whistle “The Star-Spangled Banner” or “Yankee Doodle.” And there are birds, like this African grey, that know how to show their support:

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