Adorable French Bulldog Politely Asks For His Toy

Clearly this Frenchie was raised right, because he asks so politely for his toy.

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Manners can go a long way. Via OMG Animals/Facebook
Chrissa Hardy

Manners are everything in the modern world. And when even pets have manners, it’s a sign that our society isn’t entirely falling apart.

In a video posted on Facebook by French Buta, a French Bulldog politely and patiently asks for his toy. He uses his tiny paws to beg for the toy to be handed to him. His paws can barely touch, and it’s crazy cute.

Gimme ya hand …hand…hand … ???????????????????????? บูต่าาาาาาปล. ขอของเล่นนะฮะ ไม่ใช่ของกิน อิอิ

Posted by French Buta on Wednesday, March 2, 2016

It turns out this Frenchie is constantly doing adorable things.

Like balancing boxes on his giant noggin.

“โฆษณาเอง ซื้อใช้เอง”โทรศัพท์แม่เสียชีวิตไปหลายวัน ได้ฤกษ์ซื้อใหม่ซักทีบูตะ: โอ้ยยยย หนักไปอะพ่อพ่อ: โทรศัพท์หรอบูตะ: มือพ่อนั่นแหละ!!!
Posted by French Buta on Friday, February 26, 2016

And relaxing in a child swing.

วันนี้ผมมาแบบชิววววววชิววววววSit back and relax on swing yooooo
Posted by French Buta on Wednesday, February 17, 2016

This Frenchie is a ham, that’s for sure.

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