Police Rescue Scared Kitten From Atop A Speed Limit Sign

A nervous little kitten was stuck on top of a speed limit sign until the police came along and saved the day.

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This is one lucky kitty. Via Mountain Home Police/Facebook
Chrissa Hardy

It was a frightening weekend for a kitten in Idaho.

According to Mountain Home Police’s Facebook page, the kitten was stuck on top of a speed limit sign, and seriously freaked out. Civilians and police officers came together to get the kitten down from the sign.

While on the scene, police found another kitten, presumably the kitten’s brother. Both were dehydrated and malnourished.

The following message was posted on the police departments’ Facebook page:

“Even with all the craziness yesterday, Officers Robert Elom, Josh Martinez, and Reserve Officer Annette Bigalow managed to rescue this kitten who was stuck on the top of a speed limit sign…Thank you to the kind citizens who cared enough to stop and help the officers save this kitten along with its brother…They were dehydrated, malnourished, and scared…Our animal shelter came and took them…The safety of our animals is important to us and we will not turn away from those that are in danger or in need…”

There’s no information yet on how long the kitten was on top of the sign or how it even got up there, but thankfully, both kittens are at an animal shelter now and in a much safer and more comfortable environment.

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