Police Officers Rescue Cat on Subway Tracks

A cat got loose at a subway train station, causing delays during rush hour.

Traveling with a cat can sometimes be difficult. They may fight you on the carrier, scratching you in determination not to be put in it. They may show their displeasure of a harness and leash. Or maybe your cat likes his carrier or leash, but something frightens him and he manages to break away from you.

That’s exactly what happened to Mila Rusafova, a 23-year-old pet parent to a black cat named George. The New York Post reports that Rusafova had George on a leash at the Canal Street Station where she was waiting for an uptown train just after 5 p.m. – right smack in rush hour. Even though Rusafova describes George as “a super-chill cat,” the loud noise of the E train scared the kitty and he broke away from Rusafova and leapt onto the rail bed.

“He went into one of those rectangular cutouts in the wall,” Rusafova told New York Post. “He just curled into the corner and was just staring at the wall. He didn’t move.”

Rusafova and others waiting for the train were able to get the operator to stop the train before getting to George. MTA officials cut the line’s power and the passengers were de-boarded. E trains couldn’t move for over half an hour, New York Post reports, while other trains were rerouted and disrupted. However, officers Brian Kenny and Gus Vargas were able to get on the tracks and rescue George.

“I went over and grabbed him and gave him a little scratch on the head and said it was all good,” Kenny said, according to New York Post. “The cat actually put his paws out on each of my shoulders like he was hugging me.”

He was probably grateful Kenny saved him. Rusafova was as well, expressing regret that she did not have him in a carrier.

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