Police Helped by Cats During Brussels Lockdown

People turn to cats during a news blackout.

Brussels is currently in the throes of an anti-terror lockdown that has Netherlands police requesting “radio silence” from the press and social media. Via this request, officers are hopeful that their movements will be kept on the down-low, preventing suspects from being tipped off from the raids in progress.

Though telling people to keep off Twitter is easier said than done, the people of Belgium have gladly done as told – in a way. As opposed to disappearing from Twitter altogether, Belgian users have taken to the online hot spot to throw their support behind police – using cats instead of real-time information.

That’s right; using the hashtag #BrusselsLockdown, Belgian Twitter users are responding to the current terror in the most purrfect way of all: via feline GIF’s and pictures meant to make the frightening situation a little more lighthearted. A few of our favorite contributions?

Yet further proof that cats can make any situation better!

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