Police Dog Super Proud Of Himself For Catching Two Suspects

Of course he’s proud; he knows how awesome he is.

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Vinnie the police dog is one happy pup. Via Lancashire Police Dog Unit/Facebook
Cari Jorgensen

A couple seasons after my 7-year-old nephew first started playing baseball, he made a play that resulted in the third out and what can only be described as a glorified strut (complete with his head tilted back and a smile on his face) as he walked back to the dugout with his teammates. Saying he was proud of that play would probably be a bit of an understatement.

If dogs could mimic that strut, Vinnie the police dog would be doing it now as he headed back to the Lancashire Police Dog Unit in the United Kingdom.

Vinnie was praised in a recent Facebook post, which detailed the dog’s involvement in apprehending two suspects.

“In the early hours of Friday 3rd June, a van failed to stop for one of our Police dog teams in the Accrington area,” the post states. “Following a short pursuit, the occupants decamped from their vehicle and ran across farmland. Despite being given several loud verbal challenges, the males continued to run so PD Vinnie was deployed and gave chase.

“Vinnie caught the first suspect with a chase and detain then tracked to a second male who was hiding in a wooded area, some 600 meters away. Both suspects were later arrested and their van containing a quantity of tools was seized.

“Well done Vinnie.”

The photo shows a very proud Vinnie, who clearly understands his own awesomeness.

In the early hours of Friday 3rd June, a van failed to stop for one of our Police dog teams in the Accrington area. …

Posted by Lancashire Police Dog Unit on Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Vinnie no doubt is excellent at his job. The Lancashire Police Dog Unit wrote in a Facebook post that he “is a powerful hard hitting ‘silent assassin’ who is very well known across the east of the county.”

But given that huge smile on his proud face, we’re guessing he’s not all work.

“He has a tough reputation at work but is a big softy at home,” the post continued. “He loves his walks around the reservoir and chasing after PD Danny, but he loves nothing more than being on duty with his handler.”


NAME: Vinnie
AGE: 7
BREED: Malinois
SPECIALISM: General Purpose
PERSONALITY: Vinnie is a powerful hard…

Posted by Lancashire Police Dog Unit on Monday, March 21, 2016

Sounds like a great police dog to us, with every right to bask in being awesome.

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