Police Dog Saves Deputy From Rest Stop Attack

K-9 Officer Lucas, a Belgian Malinois, is credited with saving his human partner who was ambushed during a routine stop in Mississippi.

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A police dog in Mississippi is being hailed as a hero for saving his human partner's life during a routine stop Monday night. Carolina K. Smith M.D./iStock/Thinkstock

When a sheriff’s deputy ran into some unexpected trouble during a routine stop Monday night, it was man’s best friend who thwarted an attack that officials say probably saved the deputy’s life, the Sun Herald in Gulfport reports.

Authorities say Deputy Todd Frazier was driving on US-90 in Pearlington, Mississippi, when he stopped to check on a driver sitting in a car at a rest stop about four miles east of the Louisiana state line. When Frazier walked up to the man in the blue Lincoln Town Car, two other men exited the nearby woods and dashed toward him, according to the Sun Herald.

“It seems like they were trying to take him back to the woods,” Glenn Grannan, chief investigator with the Hancock County Sheriff’s Office, told the paper. “They were going to dispose of him. They were going to finish him.”

Fortunately, the deputy was able to hit a remote control device around his neck, unlocking the backdoor of his patrol car, authorities said.

Then it was Lucas to the rescue! K-9 Officer Lucas, that is — a black Belgian Malinois.

Via Todd Frazier/Facebook

K-9 Officer Lucas. Via Todd Frazier/Facebook

Lucas jumped out of the patrol car and headed straight for his human partner. Lucas bite at least two of the suspects as they attempted to drag Frazier into the woods, sending all three fleeing into the night, Grannan said.

Frazier, a three-year veteran on the force, suffered multiple bodily injuries and a 2 1/2-inch cut to his forehead, which Grannan said was possibly from a knife. Lucas did not receive any injuries.

A manhunt is under way Wednesday for the three suspects.

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