Police Dog Saved By Other Dogs’ Blood Donations

A Golden Retriever and Pit Bull donated nearly a liter of blood to help the K-9 stabilize.

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Jardo, enjoying some couch time post surgery. Via Boise Police K9/Facebook
Cari Jorgensen

Two doggy blood donors are being credited with helping to save the life of a Boise, Idaho, K-9 who was shot in the line of duty

Last Friday, K-9 Jardo and two human police officers were shot by a suspect.

Jardo was taken to WestVet Emergency and Specialty Center in Garden City, Idaho, with at least one gunshot wound to his chest, KTVB reports. Thankfully, there were two dogs on hand at the emergency veterinary hospital who could donate blood to Jardo.

We are very happy to hear that Boise Police K9 Jardo is resting up and was able to take a short walk this morning after…

Posted by Boise Police K9 on Saturday, November 12, 2016

“Every time you have a gunshot wound you have massive blood loss,” Nichole Zacharias, a WestVet technician told KTVB. “When I knew Jardo was going to need some help, I offered Myles right away because he’s always here.”

Myles is Zacharaias’s 6-year-old Golden Retriever. He’s donated blood to several other dogs, too. His donation, along with a blood donation by Cricket, a Pit Bull, helped Jardo, who needed almost a liter of blood, survive.

Today feeling so proud of our community for supporting our BPD officers; so proud of our team who took care of Jardo and…

Posted by WestVet 24-hour Animal Emergency & Specialty Center on Monday, November 14, 2016

When a dog donates blood to another dog, the recipient’s heart rate goes down and he becomes more stable, KTVB reports. Dogs must be vetted to become donors. This includes several initial tests as well as annual testing.

After undergoing major surgery, Jardo is now recovering at home with his family. One of the human officers is still in critical condition at the hospital and the other is home recovering.

Jardo, Boise Police K9 officer and local doggy hero, was in for a check up this morning. We are thrilled to report he…

Posted by WestVet 24-hour Animal Emergency & Specialty Center on Monday, November 14, 2016

We hope Jardo and the two other police officers get well soon. And we’re sending a big thank you to Myles and Cricket!

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