Police Dog Dies In Patrol Car After Officer Forgets Her For 20 Hours

Latham Roldan was fired from the police department after his K9 partner's death and could face criminal charges

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Jola, a Belgian Malinois, died in a police patrol car. Via NBC News

A Texas police officer has been fired and is facing criminal charges after his K9 partner died in his own patrol car, NBC News reports.

Latham Roldan, a longtime sheriff’s deputy with the Jim Wells County Sheriff’s Department, forgot to remove Jola’s kennel from his car when he got home, a mistake that he did not realize for almost a full day; the Belgian Malinois wasn’t discovered until an unspeakable 20 hours later. During the time when Jola was locked in the car, temperatures in Roldan’s Alice, Texas, neighborhood had reached 99 degrees.

“It was a case of negligence,” Capt. Joe Martinez told NBC News.

Officer Latham Roldan was fired after the dog's death. Via NBC News

Officer Latham Roldan was fired after the dog’s death. Via NBC News

Roldan had worked as Jola’s trainer for the past three years and, by all accounts, the two had worked well together. According to Martinez, the other dog-handling deputies in the department will be required to check in more frequently, in the hopes that holding them more accountable will prevent tragedies like this one from happening in the future. The sheriff’s Office has turned Roldan’s case over to the local prosecutor.

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