Police Canine in Recovery After Shooting

Anaheim police dog, Bruno, underwent surgery Thursday night after being struck by a bullet on the job.

A SWAT team and K-9 unit were called in to assist officers in finding two armed men who ran from and shot at probation officers. According to police reports, seven year old Bruno, an experienced police dog, uncovered one of the men hiding in a trash bin. Bruno was shot in the lower jaw bone and the same bullet hit him in his chest.

Police Dog Bruno. Anaheim PD Twitter


Police returned fire and the gunman died at the scene. Police took another man into custody and are still searching for a third.

Bruno was taken in for emergency surgery where veterinarians spent nearly four hours removing part of Bruno’s damaged lung and making repairs to his jaw. His handler, Officer RJ Young, was there by Bruno’s side in the operating room. 

He slept on and off and is still heavily sedated according to Anaheim Police Lt. Tim Schmidt.

Police Dog Bruno recovers from gun shot wound. Anaheim PD Twitter

“He probably saved three officers’ lives,” says Schmidt. “We should know in the next 12 hours whether the dog will make it or not. He’s like a child for us.”

Bruno has spent six years of his seven years on the force and is the most senior of the six dogs on the Anaheim K-9 units.

He is expected to be in recovery at the animal hospital for the next six weeks. Medical bills are expected to reach thousands of dollars for his care. Anyone who wishes to donate to Bruno’s medical care can visit the Friends of the Anaheim Police K9 Association Facebook donation page.

You can also follow Bruno’s progress on the Anaheim PD’s twitter account.

Watch the report from CBS Los Angeles:


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