Pokemon Go Players Don’t Catch Mewtwo But Find 9 Abandoned Kittens Instead

A father and son team had been searching for Pokemon when they happened upon nine starving kittens playing in the street.

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They didn’t find Mewtwo, but these kittens were found by Pokemon Go players in California. Via Lauren Valantine/Facebook| Via Wikipedia
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Pokemon Go is getting lots of folks to go outdoors in search of the popular little monsters. Because more folks are outside, they often happen upon some interesting things they otherwise might not have.

Grant Valantine and his dad, John, of Orange, California, were playing the popular augmented reality game on July 16 and had captured six Pokemon in 45 minutes when they happened upon a litter of real life Mewtwos. The Pokemon Go trainers spotted nine kittens running near a very busy street in Newport Beach, California. They couldn’t catch them right then and there, so they went home and picked up several boxes, Grant’s mom, Lauren, and went on a real life Mewtwo hunt.

“We found a wiggly gaggle of scattered kittens, playing on the sidewalk near a drainage ditch,” Lauren told Petcha.com. “Three pieces of cheese and about an hour of coaxing and nape grabbing later, we had a box of eight. I had to go back for the ninth later that night, with the ‘good’ stuff!”

When they arrived home, Lauren noticed that they were covered with fleas, and about half the kittens were smaller than the others.

“They are a bit fragile, as they were super hungry and covered with fleas,” she told Petcha.com. “There are three shorthair white, orange and gray calico, one gray and white shorthair, one longhair gray and white tabby and four longhair black. The longhair black kitties are about half the size of the others and are not as healthy looking as the others, unfortunately.”

These kittens were found by Pokemon Go players in California. Via Lauren Valantine/Facebook

These kittens were found by Pokemon Go players in California. Via Lauren Valantine/Facebook

Lauren gave the nine kittens a flea dip and bath and gave them some food. She told Petcha that her husband spoke with animal control and heard that if they were brought in that Saturday night, and weighed less than 2 pounds and had crusty eyes, they would be euthanized. If they were brought in during the day, their outlook would be better because there are more options for them.

The kittens spent the weekend with the Valantines and as of July 18, two have been adopted and two are spoken for. The remaining kittens will go to a rescue.

While Grant’s game play was interrupted, there was a happy ending: “He spotted more kittens than Pokemon!” Lauren told Petcha.

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