Poison Prevention And A Video Contest!

This month is all about poison prevention in pets, including ferrets, and it also kicks off a video contest.

Greetings! Have you locked away your pain killers? Sorry to be dramatic, but I wanted to get your attention. National Poison Prevention Week occurs later this month, and our pets can be more at risk than we realize. Check out our public service announcement video.

You could create the next public service announcement video as part of a video contest that’s running across all of BowTie’s sites (of which FerretsMagazine.com is a part). The public service announcement promotes proper pet keeping. Visitors to any of BowTie’s website channels — SmalllAnimalChannel, DogChannel, FishChannel, BirdChannel, CatChannel, ReptileChannel and HorseChannel — may participate. You could end up a star!

To participate, just use the script we’ve posted online and film the video. You must follow the script’s dialog, but the choice is up to you regarding whether you’re in the video with your pet or talk behind the camera as you film your pet. The topic of the PSA is pet appreciation.

Be creative when you film! Then submit your PSA via any of the websites. One winner will be chosen, and that person’s video will appear on all our websites for a month, and will be seen by many thousands of viewers. The winner will also receive a complimentary one-year subscription to the BowTie magazine of his/her choice.

Besides doing a PSA, you can still upload any fun video of your ferret to share with others. Thanks to those who already have. Want to see a ferret steal a fortune cookie or make you yawn? Check out the videos!

Know what? Thank heaven for ferrets. With all the troubles in the world today, ferret owners seem to find great joy watching the antics of their pets. What a great pastime!

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