Point Taken

You’ll understand the meaning of energy and affection with this pointing dog.

Vizslas Claire, Rosie, Ryan, and Kerry can hardly wait for their training session every Wednesday at the local pointing-dog club.

“The dogs seem to know when it’s training day, and they won’t leave me alone from first thing in the morning,” says owner Florence D., a breeder in New Jersey. “In the car, they whine with excitement the closer we get to the club.” 

Florence is currently working with Ryan to complete the dog’s Senior Hunter title. “We release the dogs, and they go out into the field to find the quail we’ve planted and marked,” she says. The quail are live, but have been “dizzied” so they won’t fly off for a few minutes. They are not harmed at all.

“Ryan works fast and is an enthusiastic pointer,” Florence says. “She absolutely loves it. I always get the feeling that training day is one of her best days ever.”

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