Playing Well Together

How do your cats get along?

One of my favorite pictures of my cats is also my screensaver at work. I took the candid shot of Madison and Sophie while they were hiding out on the gorgeous Hidden Hollow Cat Tree made by A Fantasy Forest, which won an Editors’ Choice from CAT FANCY magazine.

To say my cats gravitated to that cat tree is an understatement. When I carried Sophie into the BowTie studio, she leaned out of my arms toward it and grabbed one of the branches with both front paws. Madison, too, jumped right up to one of the cushioned levels as soon as Managing Editor Annie Shirreffs brought her into the studio. Because both of my cats were uncomfortable and in a strange environment, they stuck together on the same level. They did not want to be moved from that spot, so when it was time for Studio Manager Gina Cioli to photograph the tree, we had to move the tree with them still on it.

Although I adopted my cats together and they are from the same litter, they don’t always get along so well when they are in the comfort of their own home. They jostle for position on their cat tree at home (Sophie’s usually on the top level), for the right to eat dinner first, and for use of their favorite litterbox. That’s normal for 3-year-old cats, but sometimes growling and hissing is involved and that’s when I have to separate them.
It doesn’t help that a neighborhood peeping tomcat pays them a regular visit by peeking, howling and sometimes hissing at them through the window, causing my cats to redirect their aggression at each other. Once when I opened the door with the screen still closed, the tomcat even hissed at me, so I hissed right back and he ran. Then I felt bad because he was so cute.

Most of the time my cats give respect each other’s space and sometimes I see them side-by-side on the bed just hanging out together in peace. And like a parent whose children play well together, I get so proud of them and praise them for getting along.

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