Play Video Game, Donate Litter To Cats

PURRRSUIT challenges players to keep cats purring in virtual game, while collecting donations to shelters in real life.

Making cats happy in a video game? Fun. Making them happy IRL? The best!

A new video game called PURRRSUIT by World’s Best Cat Litter pits players against cats in a challenge to purr, and amasses donations of litter to shelters at the same time, according to World’s Best.

In the game, you have to keep cats happy by click-petting them to make them purr. The cats will turn a cheery green color and kind of radiate when they are successfully petted.


World’s Best said in a release that it wants to donate up to 90,000 pounds of litter between nine animal shelters across the United States throughout 2016, and that the more fans play, the closer the company will come to that goal.

The first three cat shelters the game will help are San Diego Humane Society, Animal Kind and Save-A-Pet. This leg of the charity drive will end April 30.

The campaign is the latest in the GiveLitter charity  drive, which began in 2010 and has raised enough for 456,651 pounds of free litter to cat shelters nationwide. Previous efforts saw fans cast votes to online to donate litter, and company representatives say they are always looking for new ways to partner with people to help cats in need.

This one looks like it will do pretty well but I can’t write any more because I have virtual cats to pet bye.

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