Play Pokemon Go? Animal Shelter Wants Your Help Walking Its Dogs

You can walk a shelter dog and play Pokemon Go at the same time.

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What better multitasking is there than walking dogs and playing Pokemon Go. Via Big Cheese/Thinkstock and The Pokémon Company/Wikipedia
John Virata

Do you love dogs? And playing Pokemon Go? If you live in Muncie, Indiana, then there is a shelter that wants you, dog-loving Pokemon Go player, to come on down and walk its shelter dogs as you hunt for Pokemon with your cellphone.

The Muncie Animal Shelter posted a flyer on its Facebook page yesterday (June 12), making the case for Pokemon Go fans to come and walk its dogs while playing the popular game, which requires users to walk around and search for monsters called Pokemon.

“Just come to the front desk and say you are for the Pokemon dogs!” the flyer says.

Come out to the Muncie Animal Shelter between 10am-5:30pm any day and walk an adoptable dog as you hunt for Pokemon and hatch eggs! Posted by Muncie Animal Shelter on Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Imagine, you can hunt Pokemon and volunteer at the animal shelter at the same time. The shelter dogs will be happy and you will, too, as you get to hunt for Squirtles, Rattatas and Pikachus while walking a dog or three.

While the flyer is specific to Muncie, Indiana, it doesn’t mean you can’t go down to your local shelter and ask to walk one of its dogs while you play the augmented reality game that has blown up the mobile gaming market. Virtually any shelter would love for you to walk one of its shelter dogs. You just need to ask! And then you can chase virtual monsters at the same time.

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