Play Dates For Rabbits

Healthy, mellow rabbits are enjoying fun times together!

opening pages to article: Play Dates For RabbitsRabbit play dates may evoke visions of rabbits frolicking and hopping happily together, but there is much more to the idea of rabbits playing than meets the eye. The Minnesota Companion Rabbit Society (MCRS), an all-volunteer nonprofit organization, provides education and adoption assistance to local shelters and hosts Hoppy Hour, a time when rabbits and their owners get together to meet. Hoppy Hour founder and MCRS volunteer Barb Kelley said she came up with the idea along with other rabbit agility instructors based on Yappy Hour, a socialization time for dogs. Yet, all the experts I talked to agree that rabbit play dates are less like dogs romping at a dog park and more about providing a safe and fun environment for interaction with both rabbits and people.  

What Are Rabbit Play Dates?
Rabbit play dates are a relatively new idea. Unlike bonding dates, which involve one-on-one bunny interaction for the potential of long-term companionship, rabbit play dates are a social activity for a group of buns. Usually they are meeting other rabbits and their owners for the first time with the opportunity to meet and interact. “A play date is exercise and socialization, and it’s more for the people, too,” said Karen Skewes, a volunteer at the Animal Humane Society in Minnesota and MCRS educator.

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