Planted Tank Articles

Planted tanks make for beautiful displays in their own right. Check out articles on how to maintain and care for a live planted tank.


Designer Shrimp: A New Aquarium Niche
Designer shrimp can complement the new nano tanks that have revolutionized the hobby.

New Year, New Tank, Freshwater, Brackish Water or Saltwater?
Learn as much as you can by comparing the similarities and differences of the aquarium types.

CO2 for Planted Tanks
There is nothing lovelier than a well-planted tank.

Unfiltered Fish Tanks
Technology seems to be what the aquarium hobby/industry is all about these days.

Aquarium Snails–A Blessing And a Curse
How to prevent snails from getting into the wild.

Cryptocoryne Species
Cryptocoryne wendtii is probably the easiest species in the genus to grow under average aquarium conditions.

Consider Brazil’s Pantanal Before You Kick the Bucket
Maybe it’s time you added a fish- or coral-related ecotour to life’s to-do list.

Cichlid Fish Habitat Tips
Bonus content from the August 2009 AFI magazine column The Aquabotanist.

Nonaquatic Plants
Bonus content from the August 2010 AFI magazine article Work Your Underwater Garden.

Using a Second Mixture Bottle With CO2 Systems (and Measuring the Amount of CO2)
Supplement to the AFI July 2008 The Aquarist’s Notebook.