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Planning Helps Cat Owners Facing Foreclosure

The American Humane Association offers tips for pet owners impacted by the mortgage crisis.

Amid this economic downturn and the mortgage crisis taking its toll, the surge of home foreclosures has hit pet owners —  and their pets — hard.

Many pet owners facing a foreclosure are forced to make difficult decisions in regard to the care of their pets as their housing situations change. In some of the worst cases across the United States, pets are being left behind in vacant homes or abandoned outside.

Animal shelters are feeling the pinch of the housing crisis, as facilities are being flooded with animals whose owners can no longer keep them.

The American Humane Association offers the following tips for pet owners facing foreclosure:

  • Ask family, friends, or co-workers to care for your pet while you relocate to cat-friendly housing.
  • Ask your veterinarian or boarding facility for low-cost boarding or a payment plan while you relocate.
  • Never leave your pet behind in a vacant home or set him loose. It is inhumane and may violate animal cruelty laws.

Pet owners facing an impending foreclosure should take time to plan what will happen to the pet, should they be forced to relocate to a home where pets aren’t allowed.

Researching boarding options or cat-friendly residences nearby could help make the decision easier if a foreclosure occurs.

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