Planet Poodle

Smart, sassy, and stunning, Toy and Miniature Poodles just might take over your world.

Timmy likes to bark. After all, he is a Toy Poodle. Usually, Norma Strait, a Toy Poodle breeder and American Kennel Club Poodle judge, scolds her constant companion for getting too mouthy. This time, however, something was different.

“I was on the computer, and he was barking and running downstairs and coming back up, walking around, barking again, going back down and back up,” she says. Finally, Strait gave up trying to work and gave the little white 5-month-old puppy her full attention. “He likes to guard me with all of his 3 pounds, so I figured somebody was just out on the street. I finally followed him, and he led me downstairs and outside.”

Turns out Timmy had a good reason to bark. His mother, a pretty Toy Poodle named Dinah, had climbed over the gate and fallen into a big white bucket. “The bucket was smooth and taller than she was, so she couldn’t get out,” Strait says. “Needless to say, I felt pretty guilty! I told Timmy he was a hero.” Now Strait listens a little more closely when Timmy barks. “But I do still tell him to be quiet,” she admits.

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