Pizza Rat Taste Test Finds NYC’s Best Pizza

Well, best pizza according to street rats who happened to find the pizzas laid out in a park after dark.

rat by pizza box
Via New York Magazine/YouTube
Lombardi’s pizza is on its way to a big win!

2015 is bound to be remembered as the year of Pizza Rat. Who could have guessed that a video posted on YouTube in September of a rat running through a New York City subway dragging a slice of pizza bigger than himself would have created not only similar videos showing other wild animals running off with ridiculous food choices, but also Halloween costumes, a prank featuring a fake rat and Selfie Rat, a rat who supposedly climbed onto the lap of a person sleeping on a subway platform and took his own photo using said person’s smartphone. 

Now, with 2015 nearing its end, the madness continues. “New York” magazine turned to wild rats as taste testers to determine the best pizza in New York City. Because, clearly, rats have discriminating taste. Riiight.

When I read about this rat taste test, I couldn’t believe it. Wouldn’t the rats just eat all the pizza? How picky could they be? 

Four restaurants had the dubious honor of having pizzas ordered and became unknowing participants in the culinary craziness: Grimaldi’s, Williamsburg Pizza, Motorino and Lombardi’s. Not being a New Yorker, these names mean nothing to me, as I’m sure they also do to the rats who showed up at Chinatown park after dark and found entire pizzas left on the ground in various locations. 

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Do you know what? It wasn’t the rat free-for-all that I expected. New York City rats actually seemed to have a preference, as the rats passed on any slices from Grimaldi’s, grabbed 2 slices from Willamsburg Pizza, dragged away 3.8 slices from the Motorino pie and really dove into the Lombardi’s pizza, making off with 8 full slices! The mystery that is the New York City rat continues to deepen.
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