Pizza Rat Is Back… Sort Of

New Yorkers are pranked with a fake pizza rat.

This remote controlled rat is out to scare some New Yorkers.

Do you remember Pizza Rat? He took the Internet by storm when Matt Little posted a video on YouTube of the little guy carrying a slice of pizza that was much larger than him. The video inspired several others like it, as well as Halloween costumes and more, including a prank on New Yorkers.

PrankvsPrank posted a video on YouTube of — you guessed it — a remote controlled rat carrying a slice of pizza. It surprises commuters waiting for the subway, causing many women to scream and run away from it. Most of the men shown in the video, however, have kind of a “so what” attitude. Perhaps they’ve seen it before.

What would you do if you saw a rat (real or not) carrying a pizza?


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