Pizza For The Birds

For the September 2009 issue of BIRD TALK, we had to come up with a healthy, bird-friendly pizza recipe; an alternative to the standard pizza some of us find a hard time trying to sneak by our parrots without them squawking in protest (like my Amazon did at the site of a pizza box).

We decided on an alternative crust (sweet potato!) and sans sauce and cheese pizza. Putting together the ingredients was the easy part, assigning the actual preparation and creation to associate editor Jessica was also easy, at least for me. (I am still traumatized by my attempt to make pizza from a store-bought pizza crust. It said all you had to do was roll out the pizza crust, top and bake. Well, I couldn’t find the corner to unroll it, and before I knew it, I was in a “I Love Lucy” type cooking situation, with a balled up “ready made” pizza crust I couldn’t roll out.)

Jessica came in to the office the next day like a proud momma. It looked homemade, but in a good way, and it was also her ultra-healthy lunch. Not bad for bird food.

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