Pit Bulls Wear Flower Crowns, Show Off Their Soft Side

The Flower Power project was created to change people’s perception of this breed.

Pit Bull Flower Power

 Sophie Gamand/Instagram

Pit Bulls are stereotyped as these terrible, cruel dogs. People are scared of them; they don’t want to be near them. I’ve seen this firsthand as someone who has two of them. Some friends and relatives will not come in my house unless I’ve put the dogs in the backyard – they always greet me with “Are the dogs outside?” Some will not even go to the back door to look outside at them (most often the dogs are just sitting there or lying down on the back porch). I get it. I don’t blame them. I just defend the dogs once again. There will always be someone who’s afraid of Pit Bulls.

Photographer Sophie Gamand was one such person. She told Distractify, “I had prejudices against these dogs, from everything you hear in the media. I was attacked by a large dog (a Briard, which is a large herding dog) as a child and it had left me a little uneasy around big energetic dogs. Volunteering in NYC shelters as a photographer, I was faced with Pit Bulls all the time, so I decided to overcome my prejudices through a series. I was curious to see if art was a tool powerful enough it could change minds and the fate of Pit Bulls.”

She created the Pit Bull Flower Power series, which showcases Pit Bulls from shelters – all adoptable. “They are the ones who went through abuse and neglect. They represent the rejects of our society,” she told Distractify. “I want to crown them like baroque beauties and create an emotional connection with the viewer. Under the hashtag #PitBullFlowerPower, the series became a movement.”

Take a look at these “baroque beauties”:

Some of the Pit Bulls featured in Gamand’s series have already been adopted. The series is currently on exhibition in Paris at the Adrien/Kavachnina Gallery. A 2016 calendar of the images can be purchased at lulu.com.

To see more of Gamand’s photos, and to find out which of these dogs are still available for adoption, visit her Instagram page.

Do you have a Pit Bull? Snap a photo of him or her with a crown of flowers and post it on social media using the hashtag #PitBullFlowerPower. Be sure to tag Dog Fancy so we see it!

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