Pit Bull Wins Mayoral Election In Landslide Victory

She was clearly the best dog for the job.

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Brynn has been named mayor of Rabbit Hash, Kentucky. Via Brynn/Facebook
Cari Jorgensen

Election Day was a big day in the United States. Many people are still talking about it. Some are shocked, while others are ecstatic. And pretty much everyone is wondering, “How on earth did a dog win the mayoral seat in a small Kentucky town?”

Yes, you read that right. Rabbit Hash, Kentucky, has a new mayor, and her previous political experience shows that she’s going to be a Pit Bull of a mayor.

A 3-year-old Pit Bull named Brynneth Pawltro, Brynn for short, was elected mayor following a landslide victory in which she earned 3,367 of the votes. Her political rivals included a donkey, a chicken and a cat.

So how did Brynn get more than 3,000 votes in a town of only 315? Her rivals all agree that it was rigged. Sources close to the chicken said he was accused of being scared, friends of the cat revealed that she may have batted all the ballots out of the voting booths and we’re told that the donkey has made accusations that his other rivals have been calling him a jackass. Nothing has been confirmed, of course, and it is all just hearsay. All opponents have denied the rumors.

Have you done your research and decided on the type of mayor you'd like to see running Rabbit Hash, KY? Does it happen…

Posted by Brynn on Thursday, November 3, 2016

All kidding aside, the election is actually a fundraiser for the Rabbit Hash Historic Society. Votes cost $1. The proceeds from this year’s election will go toward rebuilding the Rabbit Hash General Store, a 185-year-old landmark that was gutted by a fire in February.

We’re told Brynn isn’t the first canine mayor to hold office in Rabbit Hash. That title first belonged to Goofy, who took office in 1998. Junior was next, followed by a Border Collie named Lucy Lou. She retired on November 8.

Welcome to the office, Brynn!

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