Pit Bull Tiptoes In House So He Doesn’t Wake The Scary Kitty

Luckily, the cat stays asleep.

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"Don't wake up. Don't wake up. Don't wake up." Via Pound Hounds Res-Q/Facebook
Cari Jorgensen

Pit Bulls are supposed to be the tough breed, the breed everyone’s afraid of. As an owner of two of them, I know they can be the opposite. When Roscoe was a young dog, he heard a noise in the house (a fan fell over), got scared, jumped out the window and ran until he reached the nearby church. He wouldn’t move until we picked him up and put him in the car.

Now there’s another Pit Bull who doesn’t quite live up to the stereotype. He’s actually afraid of his housemate, which happens to be a cat. The kitty scares him so much that he tiptoes through the hall so as not to wake her, pausing here and there to ensure the cat is, in fact, still asleep.

“Shh! We have to be quiet.” Via Pound Hounds Res-Q/Facebook

“Shh! We have to be quiet.” Via Pound Hounds Res-Q/Facebook

He does this several times as he passes the feisty feline.

Thankfully, the big, bad, scary kitty stays asleep and the Pit Bull makes it past her safely.

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