Pit Bull Sports Adorable Mustache

Dog loving, mustache enthusiasts rejoice -- we've found you a new mascot.

Baffi the Pit Bull has the most unique marking we’ve ever seen: a beautiful and perfectly shaped, black, handlebar mustache — right where a mustache should be. From first glance (and second) the mustache looks drawn onto little Baffi’s puppy face, but you can see over the years how this fancy marking has grown and evolved with the now full-grown pup.

Mustaches have become a big time trend, but until now we’ve never understood all the fuss. We have to say this sweet, soft, puppy mustache has given us a whole new perspective.

Like a 1920’s bartender, Baffi, whose Italian name appropriately means mustache, looks like a true, old-timey gentleman. The only thing that would make this better is if he was wearing a monocle and a top hat.

Baffi as a young (but distinguished) puppy

This is likely the most kissable mustache in all of mustache history.

Baffi the Pit Bull with a mustache


Baffi the young rabble rouser

Like most mustaches during , adolescence they are filling in, but still a little patchy and thin in spots.

Baffi the Pit Bull

Baffi the gentleman 

A beautiful and shapely mustache to be proud of. We’d say he is ready for the World Beard and Mustache championships.

Baffi the Pit Bull

Just for good measure, a side by side of Baffi’s mustache through the ages:

Baffi the Pit Bull with a mustache


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 Does your dog have an unusual or unique marking? Tell us about it in the comments below!


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