Banned Pit Bull Separated From Owner After House Fire Gets Adopted

Precious the Pit Bull has found a new home after being taken away from her owner following a house fire.

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Precious and her puppy have a new home! Via News4
Chrissa Hardy

After standing guard over her unconscious owner and then being taken from her home due to a local Pit Bull ban, Precious has found a new home, News4 in Washington, D.C., reports.

Earlier this week, Precious the Pit Bull planted herself next to her owner after a house fire left her owner injured and unconscious. She reportedly would not leave her side, even after an ambulance arrived.

After her owner was injured in a fire, Precious the Pit Bull stood guard. Via News4

Precious is quite the loyal pup. Via News4

The family live in Landover Hills, Maryland, and the local breed ban in Prince George’s County caused the Precious and her puppy, Molly, to be separated from their owner and taken to a shelter.

Luckily, Precious and Molly got the happy ending they very much deserved, when their owner’s sister, Megan Sanchez, adopted them and took them to her home in Montgomery County.

“She just wanted to protect her mommy; that’s all. And her house,” Sanchez told News4.

Sanchez also said she’ll make sure the family has plenty of visits together once her sister and father have recovered.

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