Pit Bull Puppy Moves In With And On Top Of And All Over Pittie Housemates

Pebbles is a fraction of a fraction of the size of her foster siblings, but it looks like she runs the place.

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"I'll make myself comfortable, thanks." Via Ann-Marie Thacker Johnson/Facebook
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Big brothers and sisters usually have a high bossiness factor when dealing with their younger siblings, but one puppy is turning that idea on its head.

Pit Bull puppy Pebbles lives with foster brothers Scratchy and Touchie and appears to be the big dog on the scene, according to a piece on Bark Post. Photos show her climbing all over the guys, sometimes falling asleep there.

“The most demanding item would be snuggle time,” fosterer Ann-Marie Johnson told the website. Johnson works with Bobbie’s Pit Bull Rescue And Sanctuary in Spotsylvania, Virginia, which opened earlier this year.

Pebble's minions lie down before her. Via Bobbie's Pit Bull Rescue

Pebble’s minions lie down before her. Via Bobbie’s Pit Bull Rescue And Sanctuary

Johnson works with dogs of Virginia homeless camp residents, helping them feed and care for their animals. Pebbles came from a litter of puppies born there, and she’s waiting for her forever home while she stays with Johnson. (See more info on Pebbles here.)

Before they came to live with the loving fosterer and long before Pebbles was around, Scratchy and Touchie experienced some hard times.

Pebbles thinks she's just as big as her foster brothers. Via Ann-Marie Johnson/BarkPost

Pebbles thinks she’s just as big as her foster brothers. Via Ann-Marie Johnson/BarkPost

Scratchy had been discovered sick and emaciated in a Dumpster, in a plastic-wrapped crate, in 2012. Another dog with him did not survive. Touchie had been abandoned with Johnson by an owner who said he was coming back for the Pit Bull and others he’d left with her. He never returned; Johnson later learned he used a fake name with her.

With Johnson’s love, these two are now thriving. And even sharing the love they received with their new, tiny housemate.

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