Adopted Pit Bull Takes On Role Of ‘Dad’ To Pit Bull Puppy

A Pit Pull named Kilo was rescued by a woman the day he was set to be euthanized. Since then, he's taken on the role of dog daddy to a new pup.

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Snuggle buddies for life. Via Roofus & Kilo/Facebook

Every dog deserves a happy ending. And a Pit Bull named Kilo has certainly gotten his.

Kilo had been beaten, neglected and forced to live outside before he found himself in a shelter with his days left on this Earth quickly dwindling, according to The Huffington Post. Then a woman who volunteered at the shelter, Candice Miller, rescued Kilo the day he was scheduled to be euthanized.

That’s when everything changed for Kilo. He fit right in with Miller’s human and dog family, and when Miller recently rescued a Pit Bull puppy named Penny, Kilo took on the role of caretaker and doggy Dad.

Penny was was not well when she first came to live with the Millers and needed constant care, The Huffington Post reports. All of Miller’s dogs lent a paw and helped care for Penny in their own way. Luckily, Penny pulled through.

“She is a survivor,” Miller told the news outlet.

Miller proudly shows off her large canine family on Facebook and Instagram, but the stars are Penny and her doting “dad,” Kilo. Here are a few photos of the two Pit Bulls at their cutest and silliest.

Naptime is the best time.

An early #tbt of baby P and Ki because I just want you all to know I could not have done this without your support. Honestly. She still wakes up once a night now but usually only for a few minutes. The 8 weeks prior to that were very sleepless. I had no intention of asking for help, but when I did my wish list was sold out in minutes. You all purchased formula, potty pads, towels, and other supplies so that I could provide her with all the vet care she needed. It was/is absolutely incredible and still brings tears to my eyes. I had an angel follower send an Amazon gift card to my email and told me to simply shop for myself… Unbelievable. Daily I would and still do read through my comments and draw so much strength from your kind, beautiful words. The letters I receive at our Po box are amazing and touch my heart. I promise you all have done more for me than I can convey with words. In a world so full of ugliness, hate, and greed, it is such a relief knowing that good kind people still exist and in our Pit Bull/rescue/dog community! You are all incredible ambassadors and I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart. It is ALL appreciated. So much love- Candice ❤ #rescuefamily

A video posted by Candice (@roofusandkilo) on

Doggy fatherly love. Then and now.

“Come ONNN, Kilo. Let’s playyyyyyyy.”

“Listen, kiddo. This is how big dogs sleep.”

Big spoon, little spoon.

Stairs can be tricky. It’s nice to get a boost when needed.

Kilo sure looks like a proud papa.

Penny day 79: Hi everyone! ???? I feel like we haven’t updated in forever so here it goes… We’ve been looking for property in our area (Sacramento) for about the past year. I’d like to have more room for our current pack, plus room for future rescues and fosters. The best we could find was about 8 acres, with a huge price tag. About 2 months ago my husband was offered an opportunity for advancement within his current company. This will bring us to the Eugene, Oregon area. He starts next month so we have been scrambling to get our home here ready to sell and also find one there. The first property fell through, but we’ve found another home on 20+ acres we will look at and offer on this weekend. Our house is finally ready to list and it has been crazy. Kilo is doing ok but not great. He doesn’t do well with change or noise and this past month has been nothing but. He is scared and nervous so when we move we will have to work on confidence building once again. P is doing awesome, loves playing outside and is just the happiest, well adjusted puppy ever. Moo is her bff and he’s good. Roofus, Lucky, and Bella don’t mind any of the construction especially since we have received so many wonderful gifts in the mail to keep them happy and busy… Thank you all SO MUCH!! You are lifesavers! I have everyone’s name saved and will put together something soon I promise. On top of doing a complete remodel on this house my daughter and I came down with the worst flu so needless to say life’s been a little hectic. I will be at the @fresnobullyrescue bully walk with P this Sunday, please come say hi if you can! I can’t wait for everything to come together and settle down for our rescue family. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart, truly, for all your support. It means the world to me (us) ❤❤❤ #rescuefamily #sweetP #adoptrescuefoster #pitbull

A photo posted by Candice (@roofusandkilo) on

“OK, let’s do a silly pose now.”

Wait mama get my smile… “CHEEESE!” ???? – P (Is it asleep YET? – Ki) #rescuefamily #pitbull A photo posted by Candice (@roofusandkilo) on

Is that a wink, Kilo? We think it is.

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