Pit Bull With No Eyes Adopted From Arizona Shelter

Ashton had suffered a severe trauma, which forced doctors to remove both of his eyes.

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Ashton is blind, but he can still love. Via Arizona Humane Society

When a 2-year-old Pit Bull named Ashton was taken to the Arizona Humane Society, he was in need of immediate medical treatment. He was dehydrated, had collapsed from exhaustion and had suffered through a horrific trauma that required the removal of both of his eyes.

But thanks to the efforts of both the shelter and the Second Chance Animal Trauma Hospital veterinarians, the lovable dog has found a forever home.

Ashton was found in Phoenix with his eyes popping out of his sockets; he was in need of emergency surgery, 3TV reports. He recovered from his injuries and began learning how to live without his eyesight. He also underwent several weeks of behavior training to adapt to his new limitations.

“He likes to jump to try to find people, and so we’re teaching him alternate behavior to kind of follow me,” dog training specialist Mik Moller told 3TV. “We do a lot of luring with food in the beginning and teaching him to find food on the ground to use his nose.”

Soon Ashton was ready to find a permanent home. Arizona Humane Society put him up for adoption and, thanks to his charming personality and constantly wagging tail, he now has new family to call his own.

Ashton, shown here with his new adoptive family. Via Arizona Humane Society

Ashton, shown here with his new adoptive family. Via Arizona Humane Society

He seems like he has a lot of love to give, and we hope that he’ll get twice as much love right back.

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