Pit Bull Gets Kitten Sister, Loves Her More Than Anything

Bubba and Rue are inseparable. And adorable.

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Bubba showing his Rue some love. Via bubbalovesrue/Instagram
Cari Jorgensen

Once there was a dog who loved kittens. Really. This adorable Pit Bull Terrier is all about the cats.

Bubba was rescued from a Phoenix, Arizona, shelter six years ago when he was just three months old, his owner, Rebecca Pizzello, told Petcha.com. Pizzello’s roommate rescued a litter of kittens at the same time, which began Bubba’s affection for kitties. As Pizzello put it, he became “literally obsessed.”

Of course he did. They’re kittens!

And don’t let the difference in size fool you. “Bubba has been the most mellow pup since the day I got him,” Pizzello said. “He’s grown up with puppies, kitties, big dogs, small dogs, cats etc., so he’s the best little role model. He’s lived with three puppies throughout his life (roommates at the time) so he is used to playing gentle and teaching the little guys the ropes.”

After moving from Los Angeles to New York City this past January, Pizzello decided it was time to find Bubba a kitten of his own. What she found was an orange tabby named Rue… that happened to look a lot like Bubba.

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Pizzello had spent weeks applying for any kitten that was available for adoption, she told us, and finally received a call from Brooklyn Animal Action, a volunteer-run nonprofit rescue. She was told that a litter of kittens would be ready for adoption in a week. “A week later I went to Brooklyn to pick up a baby kitten having absolutely no idea what they looked like. Rue stood out like no other and I took her home as fast as I could. The fact that Bubba and Rue have identical coloring still blows my mind. How did I get so lucky!?”

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Given Bubba’s love of kittens, Pizzello had no doubt the Pit Bull Terrier would adore the 8-week-old Rue. Bubba spent the first few hours after Pizzello brought the kitten home with his head in Pizzello’s lap, watching the little creature climb all over her new human. “He knew immediately how delicate she was and to be gentle,” Pizzello said.

His patience and gentleness paid off. After that first few hours, Rue was comfortable enough to climb on top of Bubba as he slept, and wound up falling asleep herself – the first sign that Rue was to become “the biggest snuggle bunny.” And Bubba has become the biggest help. He even snuggles with her and bathes her.

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“[Rue is] so tiny still so it’s like having a baby right now,” Pizzello said. “You can’t take your eyes off of her, so it’s helpful that Bubba’s around. If I walk away somewhere he always follows me and now I will say, ‘Go watch your sister,’ and he turns around and goes and watches where she is. They’re so painfully cute. Rue is only 8 weeks so she naturally still misses her mom. If she’s not snuggled close with Bubba she comes and lays on my chest because the sound of my heartbeat calms her down. Kittens are the best. She follows Bubba around everywhere and is just starting to play. She’s just learning to run; it’s too cute! She hops like a bunny and is clumsy. She’s so affectionate. She gives so many kisses, it’s amazing.”

It’s pretty safe to say that these two connected immediately and have formed an inseparable (and super cute) bond.

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