Pit Bull Is Full Of Love For New Kittens

The dog is ridiculously happy to be surrounded by kittens.

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Smitten with kittens. Via Svideos/Rumble
Anastasia Thrift

It’s science: Dog happiness is proportionally relevant to the velocity of tail wags. When the number of a dog’s tail wags are too high to even count, you know the dog is seriously, outrageously happy, like the Pit Bull in this Rumble video posted by Svideos.

The dog can barely contain his excitement around a litter of teeny kittens. He showers the kittens with kisses and wags, wags, wags his tail quickly and constantly.

“He’s always wanted kittens,” a voice off-camera says. We believe it.

If the higher the tail-wagging velocity, the happier the dog, then this dog is absurdly happy. Then again, wouldn’t you be?

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