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Pit Bull Cried After Not Getting Attention On Halloween; Now We’re All Sad

A human then informed the trick-or-treaters to pet the dog in order to get candy.

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Dublin all dressed up and sad on Halloween. Via spooky whaleiam/Twitter
Cari Jorgensen

Pit Bulls might always have a negative stigma. That is, unless you’ve ever been around one. I have two of Pit Bulls and neither one are anything like the evil dogs some people make the breed out to be. Anna will wag her tail at my nephews until one of them (usually the 3-year-old) gives her a treat. Roscoe will lie on the couch and not move, with the exception of opening one eye to look at whoever is talking to him.

And mine aren’t the only Pit Bulls who don’t fit the stereotype.

Take Dublin, for instance. This blue pittie lives with his family in Massachusetts. This year Dublin participated in the Halloween festivities by dressing in costume and greeting trick-or-treaters. So cute, right?

Dublin was excited to greet the kids. Via spooky whaleiam/Twitter

Dublin was excited to greet the kids. Via spooky whaleiam/Twitter

Unfortunately, the costumed kiddos were scared to pet Dublin, which made the sweet dog sad.

“I called my mom while I was at college and she told me she was passing out candy and that sadly the kids weren’t petting my dog because they were scared,” Dublin’s owner William told BuzzFeed. “She said he kept crying and that instantly made me so sad.”

William, whose last name was not immediately available, posted about it on Twitter, and the tweet has since received 48,990 retweets and 108,775 likes.

And as if we dog lovers weren’t heartbroken enough for Dublin, William posted a photo of the dog crying.

We're crying right along with you, Dublin. Via spooky whaleiam/Twitter

We’re crying right along with you, Dublin. Via spooky whaleiam/Twitter

Seriously, tears. And we’re not the only ones crying. Several comments came through after William’s initial post of people in tears and sharing their thoughts.

Some took to video.

Others posted GIFs.

And still others posted photos of their tear-stained cheeks.

Thankfully, Dublin wasn’t sad all Halloween night. William’s aunt told the trick-or-treaters who came to the house that they had to pet the Pit Bull in order to get candy. Dublin was happy again.

And hopefully he got a treat, too.

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  • I’m so glad William’s aunt made a condition for the children getting candy. That’s awful upsetting the poor dog. Thankfully children are greedy enough that they followed through and the lad’s night was made good with lots of affection.

    Maxine Sheehan November 2, 2016 4:17 pm Reply
  • Awww…Precious furbabies! I will NEVER understand how anyone can ever look at a pittie and be afraid? They are such big hearted softies! They love with every fiber of their beings! My number one favorite breed! My second favorite is the Chihuahua which by the way is the breed that bites more than any other breed in the world! Lol
    Be a good human and defend a dog. Speak up, Rescue one, adopt one or foster one if you are able to. Donate to a rescue or no kill shelter if you are able to. Speak out against BSL & speak up for these precious babies! The only true innocents in life are children & animals. Domesticated animals; like children; are completely dependent on us for EVERYTHING. Fear perpetuates fear and breeds ignorance. Educate and break down those walls of fear & ignorance! Together, we can save them all! One furbaby at a time….
    One more thing: Dog is God spelled backwards for a reason! Everything God is: eternally loving, compassionate, caring, forgiving, loyal & forever faithful…JESUS DIED FOR US! Well….every dog, no matter what the breed, will live every second doing and being all this same things as God is for us and….they will die for us without question. Just like God….

    Christy Parker November 2, 2016 9:38 pm Reply

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