Pirate Cat Walks The Plank And Brightens Your Day In The Process

Another Pirate Cat has become the next Internet treasure, by hilariously walking the plank.

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Avast ye matey! Pirate cat is here to keep you smiling all day long. Via 9gag
Chrissa Hardy

What is it about cats dressing up as pirates that we find so endlessly entertaining? Is it the fake peg leg? The cranky disposition that pirates and cats share? Or is it that intense kitty glare that fits so well with the overall pirate look?

Whatever it is, we cannot deny the mood-boosting ability of this trendy new treasure.

And thankfully, the Internet has given us a brand new Pirate Cat to fall in love with. In a GIF posted to 9gag, a cat dressed as a pirate struts along a narrow banister, coming right toward the camera.

Via 9gag

“Aaarrrrgghhhhh! I said no more costumes!” Via 9gag

It almost looks as if the cat is a) walking the plank, or b) about to toss you off the ship into the frozen waters with zero warning. It’s all kinds of spectacular.

Just like the previous beloved Pirate Cat, you can almost envision the cat saying something like, “Shiver me timbers, you old Scallywag! Now go swab the deck. Savvy?”

Via ViralVideoUK/YouTube

“Still the best booty on the web.” Via ViralVideoUK/YouTube

It’s just cute enough to make you forget how far away Friday still is.

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