Piqapoo Collects Your Dog’s Poo So You Don’t Have To

Piqapoo is designed so there is never contact between dog waste and your hand.

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Piqapoo is "durable enough to contain any texture of dog feces." (And now we’re thinking about dog feces texture.)
Stephanie Brown

Dogs make us so happy in so many ways. They’re always waiting by the door to greet us when we get home. They make derpy faces that make us laugh. They’re totally cool with being the little spoon. But there’s one thing that we can do without: picking up their poop.

No one — no one — enjoys hovering over a hot pile of poo and then feeling its warmth through the plastic baggie as you pick it up. The Piqapoo was designed to solve this problem.

The Piqapoo is essentially a waste bag that your dog wears. You attach the silicon clip around the base of your dog’s tail and then attach the disposable waste bag to the clip.


Piqapoo has been beta-tested with more than 100 dogs. Via Kickstarter

“Piqapoo has been beta-tested with more than 100 dogs of different breeds and sizes. It’s 100 percent safe and comfortable for the dogs to wear,” CEO Gideon Hazan told Tech In Asia. “Veterinarians and dog trainers have been involved throughout the development and testing stages.”

Piqapoo’s Kickstarter launched has already surpassed its funding target of $15,000. There’s still 58 days for it to run, with estimated delivery by March 2017.

As much as we really, really dislike the whole potty process, we’re still not 100 percent convinced Piqapoo is for us. But hey, if you can endure the snickers and side eyes while you trot your dog around with a poop bag hanging from his butt, more power to you.

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  • This is HORRIBLE! If you’re so “sensitive” that you can’t bring yourself to use a bag to pick-up your dog’s carp, then you shouldn’t own a dog at all!

    Christina Perkins November 5, 2016 11:55 am Reply
  • My elderly dogs rear legs won’t hold gryphon up long enough to poop so so sits in it leaving me a mess to clean off of her.How do I order?

    Marsha Johnson November 9, 2016 7:27 pm Reply

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