Pilot Gets Shock Of A Lifetime When He Sees A Cat Clinging To His Plane’s Wing

The cat was just as surprised to find herself way up in the sky.

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This cat definitely has nine lives.

We can’t imagine all of the preflight checks that a pilot has to do before taking off on a flight, even a casual one. But Romain Jantot forgot one of the most important: “Remove cat before flight.”

A YouTube video posted by the amateur pilot shows him out with a flying club in Kouroi, French Guiana, when all of a sudden he realizes he has an unexpected passenger on the wing of his light aircraft. (The cat can be seen crawling toward the cockpit at about the :40 second mark, but the real star of the clip is Jantot’s facial expression when he sees her there at 1:00.) Jantot quickly lands the plane and is out of his seat and reaching for his windblown copilot before the aircraft even comes to a complete stop.

“The cat is doing well,” he wrote in the video description. “She is still our mascot.”

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