Pictures of Cats and Soldiers Could Be Cutest Thing You See on Veterans Day

People who have served our country have gotten tiny boosts of thanks from cats. Here are cats and soldiers over the years.

In honor of Veterans Day, we’re all about paying homage to war heroes in a slightly different way: with the assistance of cats!

Editors at BrainJet have compiled a collection of images starring soldiers and the cats who love them (and they love back, of course), and we’ve got to admit, we’re basically gaga over how heartwarming these catty candids are.

The collection features more than 20 images of soldiers in full-on battle fatigue, ranging from decades ago to present overseas action, proving that cats are every bit as lifesaving as their human heroes. Though each photo shows a powerful bond between feline and human friend, a few standouts have caught our eye (and given us all of the feels):

One soldier in the trenches fed a newborn kitten with an eyedropper

Another took a much-needed catnap with his kitty counterpart

This trio of soldiers worked together to nurse a ginger back to health

And we can’t forget this soldier, whose kitty camouflaged purrfectly with his fatigues. Can you spot him?

Cheers to the Veterans who have made the world a safer place (and befriended helpless felines along the way). Happy Veteran’s Day!

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