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I couldn’t help but pause when I saw this on MSNBC’s “Week In Pictures” photo gallery. We all, of course, know it’s a parrot and on top of that most of us can easily guess Amazon. (I’m going with yellow nape, but please correct me if I’m wrong!) Funny thing is what some of my co-workers’ first guesses were: “Frog? Err … dog dyed green?” Granted, they work on our sister magazines that have nothing to do with birds, so you have to cut them some slack. I myself am frequently gawking at some of the images I see on the screen of the editor of Aquariam Fish magazine; “What the in the world is that?” I blurt out. Unless it’s the fish from “Finding Nemo” (see, I don’t even know its common name!) or a beta fish, I am thinking it’s some sort of aquatic alien. So I guess, for me, fish are the exotic pet and parrots are, well, just so identifiable, even from an extreme close-up and tilted camera angle.

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