Picky Dog Won’t Eat Her Food Unless It Comes Out Of The Oven

Unless it's fresh out of the oven, this dog will not eat her dinner.

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She knows what she wants, and she wants her dinner fresh out of the oven.
Chrissa Hardy

The next time your dog refuses to eat dinner, give this sneaky trick a try.

In a video uploaded to YouTube by Delaypat, a dog named Luna, who apparently is an extremely picky eater, gets her dinner served to her after it sits in the oven for 1 minute.

Via Delaypat/YouTube

Now THAT is some fast food. Via Delaypat/YouTube

Luna’s owner puts the food in the dish, puts the dish in the oven for 1 minute (without heating it up at all) and serves that dish to Luna.

Via Delaypat/YouTube

“Is that my dinner? Is it ready yet?!” Via Delaypat/YouTube

And it’s the only way to get Luna to eat her food.

Via Delaypat/YouTube

Oh, Luna. You strange, sweet little girl. Via Delaypat/YouTube

She actually salivates as her dish “cooks” and cannot wait until it’s pulled out of the oven and placed in front of her.

Hey, whatever works. Right?

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