Pick the ?Purr-fect? Present for the Cat Lover in Your Life

Take CatChannel?s gift-giving quiz to determine the ideal present.

1. At a local clothing store, your friend would purchase:

a. A crisp shirt with a starched collar
b. A wildly colored shirt with splashy patterns
c. A sleeveless jacket with lots of pockets
d. A pair of no-frills jeans
e. A pair of running shorts

2. At the company picnic, your friend would most likely volunteer to:

a. Announce the winners of the door prizes
b. Make flower arrangements for the picnic tables  
c. Flip burgers
d. Entertain the children
e. Coordinate the sack races

3. If stranded on a deserted island, which one item would your friend prefer to have?

a. A book of Shakespeare’s complete works
b. A guitar
c. A compass
d. A solar-powered television
e. A snorkel

4. Which of the following would your friend opt to do with a broken vase that’s beloved, but not valuable?

a. Take it to an expert for professional restoration
b. Craft the pieces into a new, mosaic piece of art
c. Use the pieces to accent the pebbles in the landscaping
d. Glue it back together so it looks almost new
e. Fashion it into a trophy for a neighborhood softball tournament

5. The radio station in your friend’s car is usually tuned to:

a. Classical
b. Alternative
c. Classic rock
d. Country
e. Sports commentary

6. Which section of the newspaper does your friend flip to first?

a. Front-page news
b. Craft show listings
c. Weekend section
d. Comics
e. Sports section

7. At a restaurant, what would your friend most likely order?

a. Foie gras doused with balsamic vinegar and white truffle oil
b. Chicken with chocolate mole sauce
c. Baby spinach salad with fresh strawberries
d. Roast beef with mashed potatoes
e. Tuna filet with fresh lemon and low-fat yogurt

8. If you could choose just one of the following words to describe your friend, which would it be?

a. Smart
b. Innovative
c. Natural
d. Warm
e. Athletic

9. On a driving tour of the country, your friend’s favorite tourist attraction would most likely be:

a. Carnegie Hall in New York City
b. Ernest Hemingway’s home in Key West, Fla
c. The Grand Canyon in Arizona
d. MGM Studios in Hollywood, Calif
e. The Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, N.Y.

10. Visitors to your friend’s house would notice a vast array of:

a. Books
b. Artwork
c. Hiking guides
d. Knick-knacks
e. Trophies

11. If your friend had a bumper sticker, it would read, I’d rather be:

a. Reading
b. Painting
c. Fishing
d. At home
e. Running

12. Which type of car would your friend prefer to drive?

a. A luxury vehicle
b. A quirky European car
c. A four-wheel drive of any type
d. A four-door sedan that’s not too flashy
e. A sport utility vehicle with a bike rack

13. Which of the following contests would your friend be most likely to enter?

a. Spelling bee
b. Art competition
c. Fishing contest
d. Not into competitions
e. Marathon

14. When you drop in unexpectedly, your friend’s television is usually tuned to:

a. An international travel show
b. A cooking show
c. An outdoors channel
d. A sitcom
e. A sporting event

15. Browsing at a yard sale, your friend could not pass up:

a. A rare, antique side table
b. A campy piece of art
c. A tackle box complete with lures
d. A book of sentimental essays
e. A pedometer that still works

16. If your friend could choose any living arrangement, it would be:

a. A downtown loft
b. A quirky one-of-a-kinder.
c. Anything on a lake
d. A country-style home
e. Anything with biking trail access

17. At a dinner party featuring an array of beverages, your friend would choose:

a. A vintage port
b. Something exotic, fruity and off-the-cuff
c. Spring water
d. Milk
e. Energy drink

18. Which of the following would most likely make your friend’s day?

a. Finishing The New York Times crossword puzzle
b. Completing a watercolor painting started more than two months ago
c. Finding a rare fossil on a nature walk
d. Watching a classic movie while munching on freshly popped popcorn
e. Making the playoffs in a Fantasy Football league

19. Your friend missed his/her calling. He/she would be a great:

a. Trial lawyer
b. Poet
c. Park ranger
d. Boutique owner
e. Coach

20. Your friend had the good luck to get a photo taken with a celebrity. Which celebrity would most likely be pictured? 

a. An opera singer
b. An artist
c. A naturalist
d. A television star
e. An athlete

Count up your responses:

If you answered mostly “a”s then you’re buying for an Inspired Intellectual.
If you answered mostly “b”s then you’re buying for a Creative Cat Lover.
If you answered mostly “c”s then you’re buying for a Nature Enthusiast.
If you answered mostly “d”s then you’re buying for a Happy Homebody.
If you answered mostly “e”s then you’re buying for a Sports Star.

Inspired Intellectual: This cerebral kitty lover appreciates the finer things in life and enjoys gifts that spark his or her brainpower, such as: 

  • A portrait of his/her cat. Several artists around the country provide high-quality pet portraits that can be ordered and organized online. Simply send a digital photo of your friend’s cat to the artist via e-mail, and the artist will paint a portrait based on the photo in your choice of media like charcoal, acrylic or oil. The artist will usually allow you to review proofs of the painting’s progress via a scanned image prior to sending out the final work. Prices start at $30 per customized portrait, and go up from there. Most artists advertise on common auction sites and can easily be found using search engines.
  • A cat-themed book. Several books feature cats as the main character, including “James Herriot’s Cat Stories,” “The Cat Who Came for Christmas” or any other book by Cleveland Amory.
  • Items designed to train cats to do impressive tricks make great gifts for intellectual owners. For example, several retailers offer kitty toilet trainers. Several online retailers create and sell a variety of products for the “smart kitty” as well.

Creative Cat Lover: This talented cat owner needs his or her senses stimulated with hands-on activities. Perfect gifts include:

  • A paint-by-number featuring a fluffy feline. If your friend is far beyond paint-by-numbers, gather some paints, a canvas and a nice photo of his/her cat and challenge your friend to paint a cat portrait.
  • A homemade cat treat kit. Several manufacturers produce nicely packaged kits of ingredients to bake homemade cat treats.
  • A sculpture kit. Even if this artsy person has not worked with clay before, provide a sculpture kit and let your friend create his/her cat’s likeness. Creative personalities love a challenge and working in new media.

Nature Enthusiast: This feline-loving gift recipient enjoys the outdoors, so look for gifts such as:

  • Cat-garden-in-a-box. Someone who loves both cats and the outdoors would be thrilled to receive a cat-garden kit. These kits, easily found online, include soil, seeds and the necessary components to grow a garden full of cat treats like cat grass, catnip and other cat-pleasing foods.
  • Cat sponsorship certificate. Those who appreciate nature generally care deeply about the welfare of animals. Several rescue leagues around the country allow individuals to sponsor a cat through a donation. The recipient often receives a certificate, a photo of the sponsored pet, the animal’s bio and the satisfaction of knowing they are helping a cat in need.
  • Kitty window box. Owners who love the outdoors would certainly appreciate a gift allowing their kitty to enjoy the outdoors as well. Try a kitty window box, which is a small, screened-in cat abode that fits into an open window. It allows the kitty to experience the sights, smells and sounds of the outdoors without the possibility of running away.

Happy Homebody: This cat person on your list adores spending time at home, so keep your eyes peeled for presents such as:

  • Classic cat-themed DVDs. The person who enjoys staying home with their cats would love a kitty-themed movie to watch from their own sofa. Several classics are worth watching over and over again like “That Darn Cat,” “Garfield: A Tale of Two Kitties.” If feature films aren’t your friend’s bag, try a documentary about cats or even a DVD of the musical “Cats.”
  • Cat toys. The cat-loving homebody loves spending time at home with kitty. An array of interactive cat toys provides the owner with the opportunity to spend some fun, quality time with his/her feline friend.
  • Cat frame complete with photo. Covertly take a photo of your friend’s cat, and then put it in a kitty-themed frame.

Sports Star: This active cat owner loves to be on the move, so select a gift such as: 

  • Bicycle pet carrier. If your friend loves to go biking and your friend’s cat has an amenable temperament to the outdoors, a bicycle pet carrier may be in order. These allow bicyclers to pull their pets along for the ride. Some cats might not enjoy such a trip, so be sure your friend’s cat is comfortable with the outdoors before purchasing this gift.
  • Personalized sports water bottle. Customize a sports water bottle with a photo of your friend’s favorite feline. Several online photo retailers offer personalized goods, and what better image to keep your athletic friend motivated during activities than a photo of kitty?
  • Cat collar and leash. Yes, some cats do enjoy being walked, and who better to do the walking than an active owner?

Kristin Grant is a freelance writer based in Baton Rouge, La., where she lives with her four cats.

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