Photoshop Battle Of A Shiba Inu Dodging A Snowball Takes Over Reddit

A Reddit user posted a photo of a Shiba Inu dodging a snowball, and then an epic Photoshop battle ensued.

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Please tell us this is real life. Via MayushiiLOL/Reddit

Reddit is a wonderful place on the Internet, but the coolest part about Reddit, by far, is the Photoshop battles that take place.

Reddit user MayushiiLOL posted a photo Wednesday of a Shiba Inu dodging a snowball and an epic Photoshop battle began.

Other users immediately started firing back with their own photos of the dog making the same pose (and goofy face) in very strange settings. All of them were spectucular, and very unexpected.

Here are the best photos from the battle.

1. Awkward cat dodges the snow, too.

Or are they doing a dance duet in mid-air?

2. When the Shiba Inu got twisty.

SOMEHOW, this works.

3. Dancing with the Doge.

A perfect 10, in our opinion.

4. The Rat Pack just added a pup.

So the dog is not as suave as the other fellas, but it’s all about the confidence.

5. Pool has gone to the dogs.

No balls, corner pocket.

6. Shiba does THE LIFT.

And nails it.

7. Tap dancing to “Puttin’ on the Ritz.”

The dog certainly has stage presence.

8. Robin Hood: Dog in Tights

Steals from the rich, gives to the pups.

Pick your winner!

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