Photoshop Battle Of A Cat Lounging Got All Kinds Of Weird

There is a fine line between creativity and just plain strange. We like that line.

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And let the Photoshop battle begin! Via catcatdogcat/Reddit
Cari Jorgensen

We live in an age in which a photo of a cat is never just a photo of a cat. It’s the thing of large Instagram followings, photo series and Photoshop battles. We embrace these things, take part in them. We put cats with creepy glares into a variety of scenarios. Most of the time these battles are creative and ridiculously cute. And then there are the times when those are not the first descriptors that come to mind.

Take this photo posted by catcatdogcat on Reddit.

Just a cat hanging out on a step. Via catcatdogcat/Reddit

Just a cat hanging out on a step. Via catcatdogcat/Reddit

A cat sits kind of awkwardly on a stair, his back legs tucked underneath his body and his front legs hanging off the step and planted on the floor, as if he can’t decide if that’s a good lounging spot or if he should get up and walk away. It’s a slightly awkward pose, to say the least.

A cat’s awkward pose, though, is the Internet’s Photoshop project. Sure, Redditors could have made the image ridiculously cute. Instead they went with weird. All kinds of weird. Of course, the world can use a little weirdness now and then.

1. Gaga Weird

Hmm, this look might work for her. Has she tried it already?

2. Half Cat, Half Woman Weird

Some things you can’t un-see.

3. “The Ring” Weird

The 2002 horror movie “The Ring” was already weird and creepy enough, but this…

4. Artfully Weird

Kitty went Dali. Enough said.

5. Weirdly Long

That’s one way to stretch the imagination.

6. Yoga Weird

That awkward moment when you’re working out and you notice someone watching you.

7. A Fan Of Weird

For the days you just want to cool off, there are Photoshop battles of cat pictures to look at (actual fan not included).

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