Photoshop Battle Ensues After Photo Of Husky On A Coconut Tree Emerges

This Husky does so much more than hang out in a tree.

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The photo that started it all. Via _korbendallas_/Reddit
Cari Jorgensen

Have you ever had a dog get itself stuck somewhere? As a puppy, the Cocker Spaniel I had jumped up on the bed then cried because he didn’t know how to get back down. A friend’s dog got his head stuck on the railings of her stairs. And yet another dog got stuck in the trash can, evidently trying to reach for that last piece of chicken.

Dogs — especially when they’re puppies — get themselves stuck in a number of places. Like cat doors and bushes. They even get stuck in coconut trees. Just ask this Husky.

It’s unclear how this dog got up in the tree or even who it belongs to, but its antics led to a Photoshop battle after the photo was posted on Reddit by _korbendallas_. How could the internet not take to Photoshop with this image?

Here are some of the results.

1. Wrecking Ball

Miley Cyrus has got nothing on this dog.

2. In The Predator’s Sights

Where’s Arnold Schwarzenegger?

3. Deep In The Battle

This Husky is making a quick getaway.

4. The Perfect Motorcycle Club

We wonder if we can join, too.

5. Just Chillin’

This might be a more natural environment for a Husky.

6. Dog Sledding

The Husky’s got the right idea.

7. “Hairy” Potter

He’s a master quidditch player.

8. Channeling P.D. Eastman

Nailed it.

9. All Hail King Julien

“I like to move it, move it.”

10. Plains Transportation

The only way to travel from place to place.

11. A Balancing Act

This dog’s agility is amazing.

12. Home On The Range

There’s a new sheriff in town.

Which version of this Husky is your favorite?

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