Epic Photoshop Battle Ensues After Dog Steals The Spotlight In Owners’ Engagement Photos

An engagement shoot turned silly when the couple's dog stole the show. Then Reddit got involved and an epic Photoshop battle soon followed.

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Here's the original image. Ruh-Roh! Via Imgur
Chrissa Hardy

The key to finding true love might be not taking yourself too seriously.

That’s the lesson in love we’ve learned from Collin Pierce and his fiancé, Sara, who gave Reddit the chance to delightfully destroy their engagement photo in which the couple pretends to drop their dog, Reji.

“We thought it would be funny to pretend to drop her to make fun of the fact that we were getting married and going to likely be parents someday,” Pierce told Mashable. Really, we wanted to take the picture because we are goofy and don’t take ourselves too seriously.”

The couple posted the photo on Reddit and encouraged users to engage in a Photoshop battle to create hilarious memes.

The results are weird and wonderful, with the couple being placed in many strange and comical predicaments. Of course, it didn’t hurt that their facial expressions in the photo were beyond perfect material for Redditors to start with. Here are some of our favorites.

1. Role Reversal

“Sorry, Dad. I thought you would find it funny if I ‘pretended’ to drop you.”

2. Football Fumble

If only NFL players really made this face.

3. Lion King Moment

Looks like you both could use a little more Hakuna Matata in your lives.

4. Sneaky Stewart

Patrick Stewart, you can do no wrong. You adorable creature, you.

5. Work Of Art

We’d like to take an art history class on the inspiration for this.

6. Grumpy Cat

Looking grumpier than usual, we see.

7. For The Ren & Stimpy Fans

It’s better than bad. It’s good!

8. Miracle Of Life

Painfully accurate? Or nah?

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