Photoshop Battle Ensues After Photo Of Cat With Creepy Glare Goes Viral

Redditors took a photo of a cat giving the evil eye through a glass door and turned it into so much more.

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That's an evil eye if we've ever seen one. Via Beeka_Beeka_Chuu/Reddit
Chrissa Hardy

Cats are probably the best at giving terrifying death stares. (And yet, on the flip side, they are fantastic snugglers. Such strange creatures, they are.)

But one cat has proven to be the best of the best based on the evil eye given in this photo posted on Reddit by user Beeka_Beeka_Chuu. The caption posted with the photo appropriately states, “I feel like my sister’s cat is plotting to kill me.” The cat’s name is Bikku, and the original poster later assured everyone that he’s actually a very loving “purr machine.”

Then, as Reddit is wont to do, the photo became the basis for – you guessed it – a Photoshop battle.

Ready for another Photoshop battle? OF COURSE YOU ARE.

Here are our favorites so far.

1. If looks could kill…

…this mailman would be a goner.

2. The Worst Backseat Driver Ever

Welcome to your nightmare.

3. Hannibal Fe-lecter

“Why, hello, Clarice.”

4. Fluffisaurus Rex

Hold on to your butts.

5. Mixed Messages

Never trust a sign in which the “P” is written backward. Never.

6. Emperor Paw-patine

Bikku definitely uses the dark side.

7. Busted

Probably the only place the world would be safe from Bikku’s glare.

8. Bond Villain With Pet

Having a pet that’s the same species as yourself might be the creepiest of all.

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