Photographer Takes Heartbreaking Photos Of Dying Pets

Photographer Kristin Zabawa is seeking to establish a nonprofit so she can continue to capture the final moments between families and their dying pets.

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"No matter what, we'll always love you!"

It’s never easy to say good-bye to a pet, but it’s a bridge all of us pet owners must cross at some point.

Portland, Oregon-based animal photographer Kristin Zabawa understands how difficult the passing of pet can be, which is why she offers free photo shoot sessions for owners whose pets are nearing the end of their lives. And now Zabawa has launched an Indiegogo campaign in the hopes of raising enough money to give this gift to even more people with old and ailing pets.

“Our feelings of grief can be especially strong during the final days and hours of saying good-bye,” Zabawa says in her campaign video. “Your donation will help to serve those who wish to have beautiful photography to remember this loving bond.”

Zabawa calls these photo shoots “SoulSessions.” She describes them as a quiet and sacred time in which pet owners can say good-bye to their beloved animal companions.

Dog and human enjoy their last days together in peace and quiet. Via Kristin Zabwa/Vimeo

Dog and human enjoy their last days together. Via Kristin Zabawa/Vimeo

Zabawa, a former zookeeper, said she started SoulSessions as a way to honor the deep bond between pets and their human caretakers, which is often just as strong as the ties between human relatives.

Plus, it’s a way for her to honor the memory of her beloved childhood dog, who Zabawa said died before she had a chance to say good-bye.

SoulSessions are meant to bring people closer together with their beloved animals who are nearing the end of their lives

SoulSessions are meant to bring people closer to their beloved animals who are nearing the end of their lives. Via Kristin Zabawa/Vimeo

Even though she gladly accepts donations to help with expenses, Zabawa offers her SoulSessions to everyone free of charge.

Through her Indiegogo campaign, Zabawa aims to raise $3,500 so she update her photography equipment. Since she doesn’t use a flash, which she says can be intrusive, the new equipment will enable her to photograph in more situations, even at night, and still maintain excellent quality to the images.

Any additional funds will go toward establishing a nonprofit.

Depending on the contribution, donors can receive cards, wall prints or their very own SoulSession.

With any luck, Zabawa will reach her goal so she can continue her touching photography series!

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